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Trout Sale

2017 Brook Trout Stocking Sale

2017 trout sale has come and gone

Stay tuned for an update on the trout ordering program

Last bag of Trout 2017 600x800

  It was a great day for Brook trout pick up at the SASWCD but bittersweet as well as we said

  goodbye to longtime partner Gary Picard of Mountain Springs Trout Farm in Frenchville.

  We wish Gary the best of luck as he begins his new career as town manager after 21 years of

  owning the hatchery and providing fish to many landowners across the state of Maine.


  Check back on our website for news about the future of the SWCD's fish stocking program.







There are many factors when determining the number of fish a pond can support such as water temperature, available food, water flow, depth and surface area. Surface area is the best factor to use as an estimate.

Pond Surface Area: 1/4 acre # of Fish 5-6" or Larger: 50

Pond Surface Area: 3/4 acre # of Fish 5-6" or Larger: 125 - 150